Refine Beauty offers a complete piercing service in a safe and relaxed environment.

Sandrine is a highly experienced piercer and has attained the qualification of Master Body Piercer - the highest qualification given by the Body Piercing Association of Australia.

For every piercing, you will receive an initial consultation, professional guidance on placement and jewellery, and expert advice on after-care.

We offer a wide range of jewellery options, including stainless steel, bioplast, titanium and zircon gold.

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Here's Master Piercer Sandrine talking you through the process of getting a piercing at Refine.

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Nose - $70

Lip - $70

1 ear (lobe) - $20

2 ears (lobe) - $40

Tongue - $90

Navel - $90

Nipple - $100

Eyebrow - $75

Labret - $75

Monroe - $70

Medusa   $75

Cartilage (top ear, helix, tragus, conch, Daith, Rook...) - $70




Septum - $110

Back of the neck - $110

Corset - $110

Industrial - $110



Male and female - $120

(placement upon consultation with client)



All body areas - $120


* Please note that clients must be 18 years and older for genital, nipple or dermal piercing. Please bring photo ID to your appointment.

* Our minimum age for ear lobe piercing is 4 years.

* Refine Beauty complies with all NSW Health guidelines on skin penetration and adheres to the NSW Health skin penetration code of best practice.