To purchase Nimue products   please  contact us  by email, or call (02) 6362 1524.    

To purchase Nimue products please contact us by email, or call (02) 6362 1524.


Nimue Skincare Products

Refine Beauty is proud to be the exclusive purveyor of Nimue skincare products in Orange, NSW.

Nimue is globally recognised for its innovative formulations, cutting edge technology and exceptional ingredients. Their exemplary products range from daily skin care to the treatment of a variety of skin conditions.




The foundation of your skincare. Products that use all
the active ingredients required for the optimum health
of all skin types. Formulated for everyday use.

Cleansing Gel

Soap-free cleanser to gently remove all traces of make-up,
oily secretions and impurities.

$74     (Refill $64)


Specially formulated to give you smoother, healthier skin. Refreshing and revitalising.

$74     (Refill $64)

Exfoliating Enzyme

A combination of papaya and pineapple enzymes improve smoothness, radiance and texture.

$105    (Refill $91)



Superior hydration formulated for a variety of skin types.

Environmentally Damaged Skin

Nimue Day - excellent barrier and reinvigorating properties.


Moisturiser Plus - exfoliates, hydrates and rejuvenates.


Hyper-pigmented Skin

Day Fader - Protects against depigmentation and lightening.


Night Fader - Regulates pigment and hydrates while you sleep.

Night Fader Plus - Intensive treatment for hyper pigmentation.


Problematic Skin

Purifier - A day or night treatment to control oiliness.


Nimue Day - excellent barrier and reinvigorating properties.



Multi Day Plus - Firms, hydrates and freshens.


Multi Night Plus - Combats the signs of ageing as you sleep.


Eye Treatment - Smooths crow's feet and wrinkles.


Leave-on Mask - Hydrates, smooths and reduces fine lines.




Active ingredients to accelerate skin healing and facilitate natural rejuvenation.

Active Lotion

Formulated with a high concentration of alpha hydroxy acids
as an intensive treatment to restore skin suppleness, clarity
and texture.

$105    (Refill $91)



Products used to target specific skin conditions
and increase the effectiveness of other treatments.

Alpha Lipoic Activator

A super antioxidant booster to combat the signs of ageing.


Super Hydrating Serum

Provides additional hydration for dry skin and anti-ageing support for all skin types.





Soothing exfoliating masks to deep clean skin and
improve skin texture.

Super Hydrating Mask

A moisture-rich cream mask to soothe and boost dry skin.


Rejuvenating Mask

Active ingredients hydrate and smooth.


Clarifying Mask

Formulated to remove impurities and excess oil from mature skin.


Glyco Mask

An active flash mask treatment that can be applied when quick radiance or exfoliation is needed.





Targeted skincare products for use on their own
or in conjunction with other treatments.

Eye Treatment

A unique rejuvenating blend of ingredients designed to eliminate free radicals and protect the delicate eye tissue.





Skincare products targeted for optimal skin repair.

Active Hand Repair

Specially formulated to control the appearance of age spots. Use regularly for healthy, beautiful hands.



Starter Kits



Travel size skincare kits formulated for
three skin types:

  • Environmentally damaged
  • Hyper-pigmented
  • Problematic

Each kit contains four complimentary treatments.




Products specifically formulated for the 10 to 20 year
old age group, who may be prone to skin congestion and
acne breakouts.

Facial Care Moisturiser

A superior light non-greasy skin treatment lotion.


Facial Balance Moisturiser

A gentle daily moisturiser to protect skin against environmental damage.  




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