About Us

Refine Beauty is an established, well-respected beauty salon in the attractive town centre of Orange, NSW. Founded fifteen years ago, it has grown and evolved ever since while never compromising on the quality of its client service. Indeed, customer care is at the heart of everything we do, and we pride ourselves on giving everyone the individual attention they deserve to achieve the outcomes they desire. With a wide range of treatments and products – from piercing and facials, to comprehensive skincare programs – Refine is the trusted destination for all your beauty needs.  



Sandrine is a lapsed Parisian who found a new home in Orange and her calling in beauty. Dedicated, hard working and always eager to expand her knowledge of both piercing and beauty treatments, she espouses a philosophy of professional curiosity, customer-centred care and the rigorous application of knowledge and technique. Downtime is usually spent either in her beloved native garden or preparing long lunches. Finding excuses to travel also features prominently in her list of interests, with good food often at the heart of it. Just don’t ask her husband about the cheese bills!





Sophie is a local Orange girl who has joined the salon as it expands its premises on Sale Street. Primarily working at Refine Upstairs – our new studio - she has quickly built a loyal customer base, drawn to her enthusiasm for all kinds of beauty practice and her wonderful chair-side manner. Sophie has a handsome young son named Elliot who likes to keep his mum on her toes, so when she gets away, lying on the beach is high on the list of priorities!